I have participated as programmer, senior programmer, analyst or project manager in a series of software development projects. Some of them are the following:

  1. Design and Development of various Web Applications and Services in various research and development programs (2003-2010)
  2. Digital Encyclopedia Science & Life. Senior analyst (2001).
  3. Development of the central web site of ATEI and other web applications (1999-2002).
  4. Design & Development of e-commerce applications (2001)
  5. Design & Development of DVDROM Multimedia encyclopedia Science & Life (2001).
  6. Development of CDROM Lexicon Science & Life (2000)
  7. Design & project manager in the development of a voice web browser for Blind people (2001-2002).
  8. Development of various IR Tools. (1996-2000).
  9. Design & development of a Multimedia CD ROM about Painting. (2001).
  10. Design & development of multimedia educational applications (1994).

I have significant experience in writing server-side applications using ASP, PHP/MySQL, C/C++ as well as programming front ends using HTML/Javascript/CSS/AJAX. I have significant experience in developing desktop applications using VB and the Windows API.

Also, extensive experience in the design, development and evaluation of interfaces using both qualitative and quantitative methods.