Michail Salampasis, Ph.D.

Intelligent Systems LaboratoryDepartment of Informatics & Electronics Engineering, International Hellenic University

Welcome to my home page! These pages intent to present information about my research interests, professional and other activities. I am a professor of Internet Technologies at the Department of Informatics & Electronics Engineering at IHU. I have a BSc in Informatics and a PhD in Computing. My main research interests are in applied and interdisciplinary studies in information science, including models and experiments related to information seeking behaviour, information seeking in large distributed electronic environments, patent retrieval, profesional search, distributed information retrieval, usability testing as well as web accessibility. Some of my most significant research activities were the coordination of the Cost Action “Multilingual and Multifaceted Interactive Information Access” (MUMIA) and my Marie Curie Fellowship at the Vienna University of Technology in an IEF program entitled “Personalized Federated Patent Search”. I was member of the supervising team in four completed PhDs. I have extensive teaching experience in undergraduate, masters and research training programmes in subjects related to my research activities.

Electronic address:

msa*it.teithe.gr, MikeSalampasis*gmail.com

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Deparment of Informatics (at ATEI), Sindos 57400,Thessaloniki - Greece
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